Company History

LabThruPut (LTP) was founded in 2006 to improve the accuracy and precision of results released by clinical laboratories, and at the same time streamline the overall process. LTP’s AutoLabTech goes beyond traditional “middleware”—it is an end-to-end laboratory results automation and management product. It includes sample tracking/status monitoring and productivity statistics, as well as automated results review and follow-up.

VCA Antech uses our products in all of its 60 sites in North America.

Horiba Medical and LTP recently established a distribution agreement for LTP’s products.

Keys to our continuing success are the ease of installation, training, and use of our products, including creation and editing of review rules, and a total commitment to customer satisfaction and support.


Company Leadership

David Zelmanovic PhD, President

David founded LabThruPut in 2006 because he saw a need to make the clinical laboratory run more efficiently and more productively. His background is in clinical diagnostics method development. He managed various method development projects for Bayer Corporation from 1989 to 2006. He began his career in 1983 at Macbeth, a company that makes color measurement equipment for the graphic arts industry. He has authored 10 patents and has more than 30 publications in the field.

Victor Schabes, Director Business Development

For over 30 years, Victor has been at the forefront of sales and business development efforts within the healthcare-technology, telecommunications, hardware and software sectors.  Always taking a consultative approach, Victor has led sales organizations that were tasked with driving technology change within stayed industries or bringing bleeding edge technology to market.  For the last 6 years, Victor has focused on leading the sales and marketing effort for Professional Consulting Services and Software to the Healthcare Industry.  Recently, Victor and his team sold and delivered a software solution to a 22 location Anatomic Pathology Lab organization that resulted in a recurring $6 million annual savings. In addition, Victor has been recognized for excellence in Professional Services and Sales by such companies as: AT&T, Verizon, AllScripts, and Nuance Healthcare.


Scott Stanford, Director Sales

Scott has specialized in laboratory development, sales and marketing, Quality Control and logistics for local, regional and national diagnostic laboratory networks. He is dedicated to helping laboratory managers and owners develop customized systems to speed throughput, maximize efficiency while improving quality of results, reporting and service. Please contact him today to schedule an introductory appointment.

Jim Mueller BS,BA, Director Program Development

Jim has developed automated systems in a wide variety of fields including nuclear power, aerospace, real estate appraisal, financial services, assembly line automation, computer-aided design, radio tower management, material handling dispatch, as well as laboratory middleware. He has technical expertise in a number of disciplines including relational database management, cloud computing, object-oriented programming, regression testing, structured analysis and design, and process control. He and his wife live on a horse farm in a passive solar-heated home that they built themselves. He is a national bronze medalist cyclocross bike racer and a published photographer.


Silven Rehel, B.Sc., Director Technical Support

Silven is a Computer Scientist with extensive knowledge in the development of applications for the Internet.  For the past 15 years Silven has worked with a Biochemistry research group associated with the University of Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada. For the last 6 years Silven has managed the computer research team, leading the team in creating, hosting and supporting various multisite web-based data collection projects, including clinical trials within Canada and the U.S., bio-bank projects in Québec and Eastern Ontario, International Health Informatics Standards projects and many others.  For the past 5 years Silven has been the provincial informatics supervisor for a network of 40 Heart Failure clinics throughout Québec. For the past 8 years Silven has developed numerous programs that are part of the LabThruPut suite of tools and has directed technical support services.


Greg Freisen MBA BS, Director Field Engineering

Greg’s career has spanned twenty-nine years in the clinical laboratory business. He has held manufacturing and Field Engineering positions with Ciba-Corning, Chiron Diagnostics, and Siemens (Bayer Diagnostics).  He also held a business development position at µScope, bringing new telemedicine products to market. Greg has an MBA and a BS degree in Electronic Engineering.