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LTP’s evaluation engine can be deployed not only on the client’s side as middleware, but also on the LIS side. In this configuration, the LIS communicates with each client normally, sending orders and receiving results, but as the LIS receives results, they are “put on hold” for LTP evaluation. LTP queries the LIS database for the just-received results and their corresponding orders, performs its evaluation, and sends any modified results and required actions back to the LIS database.

LTP can interface to any LIS database supported by SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), including Oracle, Sybase, IBM DB2, Teradata, MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others. The only requirement is an instance of SQL Server running either on the LIS server, a separate server, or in the cloud. Depending on the size of the LIS database, the SQL Server instance may be free, or there may be a modest licensing or usage fee. The LTP user interface can either coexist with or be separate from existing LIS user interface screens.

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