New Product Introduction: E-Diff: for WBC differentials

May 19, 2017

Ideal for LIMS systems that do not support manual differentials. Does not require direct connection to hematology instrumentation.
1) Customizable naming of the manual diff elements (up to 12 parts).
2) User-customizable number pad positions for the diff elements.
3) 25, 50, 100, 200 count options.
4) Automatic check of counts to prevent over/under-counting.
5) Decrement counts if entry error is made.
6) User comments including morphology can be created and sent.
7) Automatic correction of WBC counts for NRBC if WBC is entered.
8) Database archival of results for on-screen retrieval.
9) Send to host using ASTM or HL7.

The software can be loaded locally or accessed as a web app.

New Patent Application: System and method for distinguishing blood components

May 3, 2017

A single channel, single reagent, single detector method for distinguishing among red cells, white cells, and platelets that directly measures the hemoglobin content of individual cells.

Privately held Mars, Inc. Agrees to Acquire VCA for $7.7 Billion

January 9, 2017

Mars agreed to buy VCA, a company that owns about 800 animal hospitals, a lab business and dog day care franchise. Antech Diagnostics is the laboratory diagnostics division of VCA, a leading national animal healthcare company operating in the US & Canada. Antech Diagnostics has the largest network of veterinary laboratories in the world.

LabThruPut is proud to say that it supplies Antech Diagnostics with the connectivity and middleware products used in Antech laboratories. These products produce significant operational efficiencies, savings and process improvements including superior accuracy, efficiency and precision of reported results. The savings realized from LabThruPut’s technology contributes in a major way to VCA’s profitability year-after-year.

Lab Professionals unfamiliar with Life Sciences who may consider these to be “only” veterinary labs and that the products LabThruPut supplied don’t meet the needs of human-sample laboratories, should consider the following: we smoothly process samples from multiple species (as many as 10 or more) as they move through the laboratory. Comparing what LabThruPut has done for veterinary laboratories to what competitors do for human-sample-only laboratories reminds us of the 1982 Frank and Ernest cartoon comparing Ginger Rogers’ dancing skills to those of her partner Fred Astaire “Sure he was great, but don’t forget that Ginger Rogers did everything he did, …backwards and in high heels.”

We can do for your organization what we did for Antech Diagnostics. Call us to learn how.

New Product Introduction: CUMU-LIS™

November 18, 2016

Connect your laboratory devices to LIS/EMR via the Cloud

All you need are a serial-to-ethernet converter (not even that if your device is TCP/IP-ready) and a router. Simply connect one end of the converter to the device and the other end to the router and we do the rest! We establish your instrument and LIS/EMR connections and manage your databases in the cloud.

Using the cloud lets you eliminate capital equipment and maintenance costs. You don’t have to worry about equipment failure; the cloud is always on and more disaster-proof than your own hardware. The cloud is also scalable so that it grows with your business. Using internet security protocols, your data transfer and storage can be as secure as you need them to be. All-in-all a cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free connectivity solution.

Meet with us at AACC 2016 in Philadelphia

July 11, 2016

Two opportunities to meet LabThruPut during AACC 2016

DACC Members: Please attend the DACC Lunch and Learn Session to be held at the upcoming AACC meeting on August 2 at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Salon II (next to the Convention Center) to hear our 2 PM presentation entitled “Middleware for Biomarkers: LabThruPut”.

Non-DACC members are invited to schedule a demonstration using the contact link on our web site

HORIBA Medical and LabThruPut Sign a Distribution Agreement

July 1, 2016

HORIBA Medical and Labthroughput LLC (LabThruPut) announced that they have entered into an agreement for the US & Canadian distribution of the Laboratory Decision Support Software by LabThruPut, which allows Auto-Verification and sample follow-up across laboratory disciplines and enables connectivity to multiple sites and multiple Laboratory Information Systems of virtually an unlimited number of instruments.
“The addition of LabThruPut to the full suite of HORIBA Medical’s product line makes it possible for a wide range of clinical laboratories to realize efficiencies resulting from a powerful yet very user friendly decision support software product that includes productivity management tools. LabThruPut is pleased to serve as HORIBA Medical’s Middleware provider in this effort” said Victor Schabes, Director of Business Development. “HORIBA Medical equips more than 30,000 laboratories throughout the World, distributed in 110 countries in 5 continents. Not only we are proud to work with a partner who holds world records in its industry, but we are confident that this agreement has huge potential.”
The LabThruPut Middleware distributed by HORIBA Medical will integrate all Auto-Validation and sample follow-up features across laboratory disciplines, with the capability of access from a single work station. These features include patient-result and QC review rules and rule sets that are very easy to enable/disable/edit/clone, as well as full audit-trailing of results.
“LabThruPut is an important enhancement of our laboratory instrumentation product offerings” said Riad Abuelafiya, VP & General Manager, HORIBA Medical. “The addition of LabThruPut Middleware to our products makes it possible for HORIBA Medical to provide a complete solution to our wide base of customers across laboratory disciplines and also to facilitate the integrated management of laboratory data within the global IVD Laboratory”.